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You have just found out that you have to move. There is a lot of planning to do for you and your family. You need to think about new schools, new job, and new community activities. But don’t forget to plan one of the most important first steps. How are you going to sell this house? With the current market for real estate you could panic with just the thought of it. It doesn’t have to be that way. You must sit down and plan your methodology of getting out ahead of the crowd to get your house noticed.


Home Search – How Do They Know?

While this may not be news, houses searches mostly start on the internet. It does not mean that potential buyers buy directly from the internet but that is where the search starts. After the initial search is done, the potential buyer will either contact a Realtor or the home owner if the listing is a For Sale by Owner to see the property. Thus if your home is not to be found on the internet you have significantly reduced your chances of it being seen.



That’s Not News

Now that you have taken the first marketing step of placing your home on the internet you go to step two. You have to ask yourself “Who would really benefit from living in this home, neighborhood or community?” Develop a profile of such a family and ask what their needs are? What does my house have to offer to fulfill their needs? Once you have developed this profile then match the needs to what your home provides for the needs. Then market to the needs. So many times when a house is marketed it is sold like one size fits all. Not true- a senior citizen may have absolutely no desire to move into a neighborhood with young families. Of course, there are exceptions but you go after the most likely buyer. Just by addressing their needs in your marketing approach you will likely attract interested parties.

The Price is Right

Now we come to the point of deciding a market value price for your home. This can be the real deal breaker. Even if you have a highly desirable home in a highly desirable area, buyers will walk away from a home that is grossly overpriced. The inventory of unsold homes is too great and buyers know this. You need to get the information on the sales of homes in your neighborhood or area during the last year. You have to discern which sales are distressed and which are regular sales. A distressed sale can really distort your homes market value. Do you play to the distressed sale? Unless you are in a distressed situation, then absolutely not. A fair market value is what price an informed seller and informed buyer agree to conclude a real estate transaction. You know what the market value of your real estate is worth when being sold not under duress.


Article Provided by Author: Jill D. Schmitt – Broker/Associate Selling Your Gainesville Florida Home

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