For anyone contemplating building or constructing something that will need footings, trench shoring is an absolute must. With a trench box, the safety of anyone working there is perhaps safeguarded as much as possible. Of course, things do go wrong with any kind of building work, but ensuring that the workers can relax in the knowledge that they will be safe is absolutely necessary.

The problem occurs when channels have to be cut into the ground to take foundations or tubes to carry any kind of wires. Because of the forces of gravity and such, walls can bulge inwards making it a possible area for accidents that can happen. Shoring up or lining the channel is necessary to stop the soil or material sliding into the hole by the force of gravity.

Many people used to use railroad style logs to shore up the sides, but this is now frowned upon because of the trees being destroyed. People or companies can hire all the equipment they need these days to stop any accidents occurring.

This equipment is normally made from heavy duty steel so that they can be reused when the next job has started. Although hiring is an option for one off jobs, buying the equipment is also an option for those who are in the industry that requires them to construct things. Although it may look expensive to begin with, all those savings on hiring will eventually become very apparent.

Of course, there are many ways to shore up walls wherever they are. It is not always necessary to use equipment that will be taken away later. However, leaving in equipment will ensure that the sidings will not fall in.

Take, for example steep sided ravines that have been cut for a new road to go through. Sometimes these sides are concreted to ensure that they do not slide into the part that was cut out. But filling loose wire cages with rough cut stone and piling them up the sides, acts as a kind of preventative measure to ensure that movement does not occur. This is a very cost effective way of stopping landslides and is a system that is employed world wide.

There is a different method for those channels that carry water since this has a damaging effect on any of the surroundings. Water is extremely heavy and will literally ‘eat’ its way through the ground if left to damage anything in its path. This will result in the walls of the ravine becoming unstable over time and the sides could well be weakened. Water will then find its way through the easiest route so it could put lives in danger if the ravine is for those who live nearby.

Other necessary safety equipment on building sites also have their uses. Scaffolding used to be made up of pipes and planks, but these days, the art of raising scaffolding has changed tremendously in the last few decades. Tying the scaffolding to the building to secure it is a must since wobbly and shaky walkways will inevitably cause an accident at some time. Considering the amount of money can be lost in litigation, getting the job done right the first time is probably the best route to take.

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