Many people dream of living with the rich and famous on Mulholland Drive. Many but feel it is a dream that cannot come true. However, there are often Beverly Hills lots for sale on this famous roadway and, given the fall in real estate prices, a dream home on Mulholland Drive may now be well within reach.

If you are unfamiliar this area of Beverly Hills, you may wonder why people would be excited about Mulholland Drive lots for sale. Mulholland Drive has a rich and storied history. This two-lane road travels the Santa Monica Mountains and the Hollywood Hills and is the setting for some of the most exclusive and beautiful homes in the world. Most of these homes offer spectacular views of Hollywood and the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles. Many celebrities have homes situated along Mulholland Drive making it a popular for tourists to the area.

Most homes along Mulholland Drive range from about one to eight million dollars. Larger, newer homes tend to have extensive floor plans and be at the higher end of the price scale. Homes can include swimming pools, garages, pool houses and guest houses. Older homes, those built in the 1940s and 1950s, may be smaller in size, do not come equipped with the more modern amenities but have an exceptionally smaller price tag. If you long to live next door to a famous celebrity, be prepared to pay a premium for the Mulholland Drive lots for sale. Stars such as Jack Nicholson may own one or more homes on this famous road since the proximity to Hollywood and the movie studios cannot be matched. Celebrities prize their privacy and neighborhoods such as those along Mulholland Drive afford these lucky people the isolation they crave. It can be yours, for a price.

The lots for sale in Beverly Hills, however, are not all as expensive as those along Mulholland Drive. Many beautiful properties are being offered because of the downturn in the economy, the need for quick cash and bank foreclosures. Beverly Hills lot for sale are mostly developed, with existing homes or buildings, but it is common to tear down an older structure and rebuild on the site to increase the size or amenities of a home. Most Beverly Hills properties are in higher demand than ever since the downturn in real estate values. People who once could not afford to live in rarefied neighborhoods can now secure properties in the most sought-after enclaves in the United States. Still, even bargain prices in Beverly Hills are quite a bit higher than other areas of the country.

Lots for sale in Beverly Hills offer the convenience of their prime location in the cradle of Hollywood. For those who want to live and work in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is an ideal place to situate one's life. Some of the country's finest shopping is close by in Rodeo Drive and the Golden Triangle. Fine dining in the best high-end restaurants is located in Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills offers quality schools, both public and private, along with a plethora of outdoor and family activities.

If you dream of living in Beverly Hills, the current economic climate could make Beverly Hills lots for sale the buy of a lifetime. Just be prepared for the relatively high cost of living life in the Hollywood Hills.

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