Downtown San Diego Condos are now a more preferred choice among buyers simply because they are more affordable and reasonably-priced compared to other real estate options in the city. If you plan to invest on one of these Downtown San Diego Condos, it’s best to do it now since the real estate market, especially in the city is fast recovering from its fall in the previous year.

One of the reasons why San Diego condominiums are a very popular choice among would-be residents of San Diego is its location. San Diego is situated at the Southern coast of California. It is currently the state’s second largest city and the eight largest in the country. Its urban area, with over 2.9 million residents, is considered as the 17th largest in the country. It lies north of the Mexican border and shares this border with Tijuana and Mexico. It is the home to some important government agencies such as the United States Coast Guard, United States Navy, and the United States Marine Corps bases.

Easy access to San Diego’s economy centers on tourism, trade, agriculture, shipbuilding, military, biotechnology, computer science, and electronics is also another reason why people considering to live in San Diego choose condominiums as their home. San Diego was first discovered by a Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who sailed his flagship called San Salvador from Navidad. The bay was declared by Cabrillo for Spain and he named it San Miguel. It was in November, 1602 when another explorer, Sebastian Vizcaino, arrived at the bay with his flagship San Diego. The eminence of San Diego today started with its great history. With the ocean, colleges, Seaport Village, and plenty of activities, there isn’t any reason to miss the chance of buying a condominium in Downtown San Diego.

Downtown San Diego Condos are strategically located near the city’s major tourists’ attractions including the city’s great beaches and bays, Balboa Park and its fantastic museums, SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park and Old Town, and a lot more. The famous Balboa Park is located on a mesa to the northeast. It is bordered by many dense metropolitan communities and it abruptly ends with the Mission Valley towards the north. Coronado and Point Loma are what separate the ocean from the San Diego Bay. Ocean Beach is located on the western side of Point Loma. Pacific Beach and Mission Beach sit between Mission Bay and the ocean. An affluent community, La Jolla lies at the northern part of the Pacific Beach. Cleveland National Forest, one of the most famous forests in California is just a half-hour drive from Downtown San Diego.

With everything’s that mentioned, it is not hard to understand why Downtown San Diego Condos are a popular home choice not only in San Diego but also in the whole state of California.

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