Are you searching for a factual heavy equipment appraisals? If your business needs a company that can evaluate the value of your equipment, machinery and other inventory, then whether you are a business owner, attorney, accountant or lender you can search for this service online. Our associates, having over 20 years experience, are proficient in the appraisal of everything from trucks and transportation to office furniture and equipment. These reports detail the value and type of all machinery equipment, putting them in the context of current market conditions. Appraisals may also include distribution channels and exit strategies if they apply to the current business plan. Our experience in a broad field of industries allows them to provide and sustain extensive references and sources to perpetuate the process of analyzing all data necessary for the appraisal and valuation process. Founded at Citicorp, our unique appraisal style involves an all-inclusive narrative and meticulous details to help us identify each asset’s qualities and value in the market. This special style started developing in 1990 and has evolved indefinitely from its start, ensuring a quality appraisal or valuation. Our appraisals strictly follow the rules outlined by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, USPAP, as needed according to the Appraisal Foundation.

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