Are you looking for an honest and accurate equipment appraisal? With the Internet, you can locate businesses that offer equipment and machinery appraisals and inventory valuations for owners, lawyers, accountants, lenders, and other professionals that need it. Our appraisal team members, some of whom have over twenty years of experience in the field working with both very large-scale manufacturers and much smaller specialty shops, are ready to appraise automotive equipment, office supplies and products, construction tools, medical equipment, and more. All types of the evaluations contain the equipment’s value, condition and all other important and influential aspects that would apply to today’s market. Equipment and machinery valuations may contain such things as distribution channels and exit strategies if need be. Our very wide range of experience allows us to maintain many references and data sources that we will implement in order to appraise items in a timely manner. Our unique appraisal style, which was developed at Citicorp, uses a detailed description to identify each individual asset’s qualities and potential market value. For almost two decades now, this unique style has evolved continuously and effectively. Our appraisals strictly follow the rules outlined by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, (USPAP) necessary by the Appraisal Foundation.

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