Searching for a realistic and truthful construction equipment appraisal? With the Internet, you can locate many businesses that offer equipment and machinery appraisals and inventory valuations for owners, lawyers, accountants, lenders, and other professionals that need an evaluation. Our associates are proficient in the appraisal of everything from trucks and transportation to office furniture and equipment, construction to medical equipment, and everything in between, with senior associates displaying over 20 years experience appraising both very large manufacturing operations and specific niche operations. These reports detail the value and type of all machinery equipment, putting them in the context of current market conditions as applicable to the current market trend. Valuations may contain such things as distribution channels and exit strategies if need be. Our history of excellence in a broad number of fields allows us the resources and manpower to analyze all necessary data efficiently. Our unique appraisal style, which was developed at Citicorp, uses a detailed description to identify each individual asset’s qualities and potential market value. This technique has been steadily refined since 1990, so you know you will get the best appraisal possible. Appraisals are subject to the rules and practices of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, USPAP, which is what the Appraisal Foundation requests.

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